White Wines


Santa Carolina Chardonnay (D) Chile
Bright, intense golden color, hint of vanilla and tropical fruits
7 oz. Glass~~$7.25 ½ Litre~~$19 Litre~~$30

Folanari Soave (XD) Italy
Fresh crisp aroma of lemon and citrus fruits
7 oz. Glass~~$7.25 ½ Litre~~$19 Litre~~$20

Barefoot Pinot Grigio (1) California
Tart green apple, with peach undertone
7 oz. Glass~~$7.25 ½ Litre~~$19 Litre~~$30


Folonari Pinot Grigio (XD) Italy $32
Fresh and youthful apple and lemon rose

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc (XD) New Zealand $39
Zesty and aromatic with lively penetrating fruit characters

Mc Williams Handwood EstateChardonnay (XD) Australia $27
Medium straw, tropical fruit aromas, soft with a long oaky finish

Bolla Pinot Grigio (D) Italy $28
Medium bodied, great structure with tart peach, lemon, pear, nectarine and lime

Red Wines


Cono Sur Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz (D) Chile
Ruby red, blackcurrant, plum and cherry
7 oz. Glass~~$7.25 ½ Litre~~$19 Litre~~$30

Barefoot Merlot (D)California
Raised right iwith well rounded with mild tannis
7 oz. Glass~~$6.50 ½ Litre~~$15.95 Litre~~$27.95

Cantina di Negrar Valpolicella (XD) Italy
Aromas of ripe red berries, spice, medium bodied
7 oz. Glass~~$7.25 ½ Litre~~$19 Litre~~$30


Apothis Red (M) California $30
Ruby colour, plum, blackberry,spice notes

Folonari Valpolicella (XD) Italy $31
Fresh cherry, floral and spice, medium bodied

McWilliams Handwood Estatel Shiraz (D) Australia $32
Full of cherry flovours that linger with a long finish

Masi Campofiorin (D)Italy $39
Rich full bodied, round and velvety

Amarone Cesare (XD) Italy $75.00
Ethereal orange aura that highlights your glass with warm color

Ruffino Chianti (XD) Italy $33
Ruby red color, a fresh fruity bouquet

Mirassou Pinot Noir (XD) California $26
This wine is full balanced with a round full mouth feel

J. Lohr Seven Oakes Cabernet Sauvignon (XD) U.S.A. $43
Intense aromas of blackcurrant, cedar, vanilla and black cherry, full bodied

Rose Wine

Ernest & Julio White Zinfandel (4) U.S.A..
Light bodied, flavours of cherry, watermelon and raspberry
7 oz. Glass~~$7.25 ½ Litre~~$19 Litre~~$30

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