A Taste of Italy Lunch Menu

ANTIPASTI (Appetizers)

Soup of the day:   $5.75

Italian Onion Soup: A traditional onion soup, topped with provolone cheese  $7
Bruschetta: A mix of olive oil, diced tomato, red onion, fresh garlic and Feta on top of crisp garlic
bread   $9

Mussels: Steamed in either a white wine lemon butter sauce or white wine curry cream sauce

Calamari: Battered and fried, served with a spicy chipotle sauce   $10


Spinach Salad: Fresh baby spinach topped with feta cheese, almonds & orange pieces, topped
with raspberry vinaigrette
Large  $10.25        Small $6.

Chef Salad: Mixed greens with tomato, cucumber, red onion, black olives and Italian dressing
Large  $10.25        Small   $6.

Italian Salad: Fresh mixed greens, tomato, artichoke hearts, feta & Parmesan cheese,
cucumber, roasted red pepper,  hot peppers, black olives & Italian dressing
Large  $12.       Small   $7

Il Mulino Caesar Salad: The Mills own great dressing
Large  $12.     Small   $7.

Add $6 for grilled or blackened chicken, $6 for shrimp


(Main dishes)
Capeletti Alfredo: Capeletti tossed in a creamy garlic alfredo sauce with baby spinach and fire
roasted red peppers   $13  VEG

Penne Primavera: Penne pasta with seasonal vegetables, sautéed in garlic rose sauce, topped
with mozzarella cheese  $12 VEG

Penne Calabrese: Penne pasta with Italian sausage, red and green peppers in a spicy tomato
sauce   $14

Spaghetti & Meat sauce: A traditional meat sauce over spaghetti noodles, with garlic bread

Fettuccine Caruso: Artichoke hearts, baby spinach and noodles tossed in a fresh and light
lemon butter sauce  $12 VEG

The following come with your choice of today’s soup, chef salad or French fries, please add
$1.75 if you would like to replace your side with Onion Soup or Caesar salad or Spinach salad
or Italian salad.

Domonic Pollo Panino: Grilled chicken with roasted red pepper and sun dried tomato pesto,
provolone and sliced tomato on Italian bread    $13

Chicken Caesar Wrap: Our homemade Caesar dressing, romaine and chicken, all wrapped up

Veggie Wrap: Fresh vegetable sautéed in olive oil and herb seasoning, then wrapped in a
tortilla shell, served with ranch dressing   $13

Beer Battered Fish: Beer battered haddock, made here
1 piece $11      2 piece $14

B.L.T. Sandwich: Bacon, lettuce and tomato, have it as a wrap or on white or brown bread

Roast Beef Melt: Shaved roast beef with mozzarella cheese on Italian bread  $13.50

Chicken Quesadilla: A blend of chicken, veggies and cheese in a soft tortilla shell    $13

Fillet of Sole: Filet of sole, served with a white wine and butter sauce   $13

BIBITA (Beverages)

Soft drink   $2.75

Iced Tea     2.75

Milk    $75   Chocolate Milk    $2.85

Juice:    small  $1.50    large    $2.50

Coffee Regular or Decaf   $2.50

Tea, Regular or Herbal   $2.25
Ask your server about our dessert selection
Taxes extra

Price and menu items subject to change without notice